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12 things we love (and will sorely miss) about the 12th Doctor

17 Juillet 2017, 06:39 | Christine Delafose

First-Ever Woman 'Doctor Who' in Drama's over 50-Yr History

For the first time, a woman will play BBC time traveler Doctor Who

His hair is an extension of this - although come Christmas, he could end up with a grey afro if he doesn't visit the hairdressers' soon...

Whittaker has been named the first female lead in Doctor Who, leading to criticism from some viewers.

Yes, casting a female Doctor will not ruin the show.

"That's what a former football manager said, he didn't know me so didn't know that I'd played football for years".

Like The Doctor, The Master had been previously played by men, notably the brilliant Roger Delgado, the somewhat more Bond villain-esque Anthony Ainley and, more recently, by John Simm.

"I was with my six-year-old daughter getting her ready for school and the news came on BBC Breakfast with a picture of Jodie".

Jodie Whittaker to be the first female Doctor — Doctor Who
In 2014, Michelle Gomez became the first female actress to play the Master , the Doctor's fellow Time Lord and main antagonist. Capaldi had said that he wanted to see a woman replace him. " She's going to be a fantastic Doctor ", Capaldi remarked.

Born on 3 June 1982 in West Yorkshire, Whittaker made her stage debut in 2005 at Shakespeare's Globe, playing Ampelisca in Peter Oswald's The Storm alongside Mark Rylance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whittaker beat out actresses like Tilda Swinton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge to become the 13th person to play the Doctor.

But Jodie did her utmost to silence her critics when she gave her first interview after her casting announcement, urging fans "not to be scared by my gender".

While there seems to have been a push for female talent in 2017, the presence of strong women in sci-fi is actually nothing new.

"I always knew I wanted the thirteenth Doctor to be a woman and we're thrilled to have secured our number one choice", Chibnall said.

"[Jodie's] audition for The Doctor simply blew us all away". Sylvester McCoy's was fairly light and David Tennant adopted an English accent for much of his tenure.

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Within the framework of the show, the Doctor is the last of his species, known as Time Lords, a race of people that are gifted with the powers of reincarnation can change their face, species and gender whenever they are in danger or close to death.

In the same year, Whittaker stole scenes in Channel 4's Black Mirror episode 'The Entire History of You'.

Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, revealed her sexuality in her second line of dialogue in her first episode.

Jodie has already been given the thumbs up by outgoing Doctor Who Peter Capaldi, who called his successor "a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm", and now her Broadchurch castmate Olivia Colman, who was also a fan favourite to land the role has defended Whittaker's casting, stating, "She'll do it better than anyone, I'm so proud of her". Moving from incense and meditation as the chirpy blonde Beverly in 2007, Whittaker stormed screens in 2011 for a successive streak of eye-catching, compelling performances.

While LGBTI characters have spent time with the Time Lord before, this is the first time the Doctor's long-running companion is LGBTI.

The Doctor's arch-enemies, the Daleks, were created by Terry Nation, who said he based them on the Nazis. By that standard, the Twelfth Doctor has done very well indeed.

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