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Trump again blames House Freedom Caucus for failure of health care bill

29 Mars 2017, 04:48 | Troy Powers

Trump again blames House Freedom Caucus for failure of health care bill

Trump again blames House Freedom Caucus for failure of health care bill

We are in power.

The first thing that should dawn on Trump is that the warring Republican factions in Congress have multiple agendas, none of which remotely resembles his own.

With just 11 legislative days remaining before funding to keep the government open lapses on April 28, removing Planned Parenthood funding from the discussion would help secure support for a stopgap funding bill from Democrats, who have insisted that so-called "poison pills" be kept out of legislation to keep the government open.

"The fact that our conference is more resolved than ever to repeal this law is very encouraging and we're not going to stop until we get it done", said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy after a closed meeting.

Despite a commanding majority in the House, an advantage in the Senate and Trump in the White House, Republicans hardly seem to be on the same team.

"At one point in time Paul Ryan said 'now this is constructive, this is what we need to be doing, ' " Weber continued.

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That's the lesson Trump took from this experience: Democrats whose motto is "Resist!" would be more reasonable partners than the Freedom Caucus.

"I can tell you right now there's bitterness within our conference, it's going to take time to heal that", Collins said. That was always a fantasy, but after seven years of waiting for it and finally having (we thought) the majorities in place, a lot of people just wanted action, as quickly as possible.

The accommodation of slavery in the founding states then lead to further deals - the Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Act - trying to find ways to accommodate slavery in new territories that entered the union. The legislation's provision to repeal essential health benefits such as maternity care and emergency services was designed to appeal to hard-line conservatives who don't think the government should be in the health care business.

The Freedom Caucus failed the test. You don't do that in a week, or obviously even in a couple of months. That ignores some very important things.

While Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, often meet with and wield significant influence over the caucus, the membership is not bicameral and there is no Senate Freedom Caucus. Governing is messy. You have to make compromises and concessions. In his famous "House Divided" speech, he said, "I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. What gets us to yes from a more conservative side of the spectrum?" A plan drawn up seven years ago would have wrongly predicted everything from enrollment sizes to premium levels to the structure of the exchanges and the participation of insurers.

You have to design legislation to deal with the reality of today, and anything designed even a year or two ago would have had to be adjusted to reflect that.

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Trump has tweeted about the group three times since Friday. The group is working with leadership and moderate Republicans to try to bring back the bill in a different form. In a paper just released by Brad Wilcox, the rate of failure for these "trial marriages" is astounding.

The House Freedom Caucus, chaired by Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., criticized the Ryan bill as "Obamacare Lite" because it was not a full repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Marc Thiessen is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

With all other Republicans on board, a big assumption, the votes of the 29 members of the Freedom Caucus could have made the difference in passing the legislation.

That was the moment the Freedom Caucus made its choice. Tax policy shouldn't punish marriage - but promote it. Welfare policy shouldn't discourage marriage - but promote it. And women who marry the father of their children shouldn't be immediately dropped from public assistance, including housing.

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